Slug and Snail Traps
Slug and Snail Traps
Slug and Snail Traps
Slug and Snail Traps
Slug and Snail Traps
Slug and Snail Traps

Slug and Snail Traps

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Keep the Slugs and Snail Away in a Eco-Friendly Way!

Good news for gardeners! Simple insert the traps into the ground and fill with brine or be er with salt, then the slugs and snails are eliminated! No nasty chemicals - safe around children and pets. Protect your garden or allotment plants and vegetables by keeping them clean and child-friendly.

Effective Slug & Snail Control: No chemicals are needed. Just fill with beer and brine to lure slugs away from your plants.
Protection: The lip sits at ground level, allowing easy access in to protect plants in gardens and allotments from slugs and snails.
Environmentally Friendly: Chemical free, Non-Toxic, suitable for organic gardening.
Re-usable: Check regularly, empty, clean, re-fill with preferred bait and re-use.
Portable: Lightweight trap which can be moved easily.
Hidden Bait: Hidden from non-targeted species by burying the traps into the ground.
Easy To Use: Simply place the trap and fill the bait, then it is done!

Instruction for use:
1. Choose a location in the planting area and dig a small pit
2. Put the slug & snail trap into the ground, level with the soil
3. Pour half a bottle of beer (then add two teaspoons of salt/sugar if you like)
4. Close the lid ,see if the snails are drunk the next day, and then take to get rid of the trap to deal with these snails

Color: Green

1 pc / 3 pcs x Slug and Snail Traps