Kitchen Faucet Organizer Set

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Keep your cleaning sponges organized with our Kitchen Faucet Organizer! This space-saving hanging sponge holder fits standard dish sponges with adjustable neck strap for easy hanging and installation on any size of sink faucet. 

Our kitchen sink holder stands out in the market because it has drain holes all over to prevent dirty water accumulation inside, which can otherwise cause those nasty algae, mildew, and bacteria to grow. Sanitary drying indeed!


Sink Organizer

Innovative design to store all daily needs for sink work like dishwasher liquid, brush, cloth, soap, sponge etc.


A set of twol organizers hang a variety of kitchen items: sponge, soap, brush and the other with a drying rack that can hold cleaning cloth and gloves!

Premium Quality

Made of high quality ABS material that is safe, eco-friendly, durable, flexible and non-toxic; easy to clean.

Open Design

Features an open body design to allow water drainage, prevent bacteria growth to keep the sanitary level up.


Color: Pink, Gray, Blue


1x Kitchen Faucet Organizer Rack OR

1x Kitchen Faucet Drying Rack OR